Luis Escobar Molina – Panama

The workshop proposes to work with physical practices to stimulate the participants to perceive and understand their own bodies as complex and multifaceted entities, establish integration among participants, providing a harmonic and healthy environment, and in doing so, reduce the possibility of conflicts, improve interpersonal relations, strengthening communication and development of the creative work.

The principles of dance are used in an interactive and dynamic way (movement, space, rhythm, time and form), in the following activities.

• Exercise and debate that stimulate camaraderie and cooperation among participants to establish and strengthen the bonds of the work.

• Physical expression, to awaken personal and group creativity and originality, as well as the appreciation of self and the environment in which the individual is inserted.

• Debates y thoughts on existing conflicts, produce strategies to overcome obstacles that prevent interpersonal relations and the development of activities that could optimize, ever more, the positive points of the group.

• Develop perception of spontaneous movement.

The chronogram will be established within the sessions, with a performance at the end of the workshop.

Activities will include exercises that promote warm-ups, body awareness, body in space, contemporary dance exercises, group activities, improvisation games and ludic approach.

Luis Molina (Panama)
Dancer and choreographer of the Ballet Teatro Castro Alves of Bahía Brazil, has performed in Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Argentina, Switzerland, Austria. He was a member of Project Dance Company for the students of the School of Dance of the Federal University of Bahía, becoming its director and choreographer while still studying. Guest professor of the Department of Dance of that National University of Panama, he creates socio-educational Works related to dance to stimulate self-esteem in adolescents and children, awakening body awareness for educators.


Delivered by: Luis Escobar

Dates: Thursday 8 to Saturday 10, Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14

Class load: 12 hours (6 days)

Schedule: 12:30 to 3:00 p.m.

Donation: To be confirmed

Those interested in partial scholarships please send letter and cv describing financial situation.

Place: Steps

Telephones: 63784172 / 65755154


To apply: Send CV and letter of interest.

FOR: Dance professionals and intermediate dance students.