The Panama International Festival of Performing Arts (FAE) is an artistic and cultural event that takes place every two years, where a selection of the best theatre and contemporary dance productions of Ibero-America and the world show their work in the country`s capital.

It was conceived and created by cultural manager Roberto Enrique King, and undertaken by a group of producers, theatre and dance professionals and cultural activists, after years of bringing to the country relevant international performing arts groups.

From its inception, FAE was conceived as a professional cultural production, to take place parallel to similar events in the region, to honor and heighten the work of both local and international theatre and dance groups. The organizers work tirelessly to provide the best possible setup for their guest artists.

Being it that one of its main goals is to ensure the growth of the performing arts in Panama, the festival has included educational events from the beginning, through dance master classes and workshops, open theatre activities from the beginning, with different activities such as; master classes and dance workshops, open theater dialogues and specialized books, for students and emerging artists, by the international groups.

The Panama Performing Arts Festival takes place during Panama`s summer season, January- March, with the aim of establishing a festival circuit along with the other festivals happening around these dates, such as the Ibero-American Festival of Bogota and the International Performing Arts Festival of San Jose. Festival organizers have included the vital children`s segment, providing free of cost entrance to the within the program ·”The “FAE invites the barrio schools,” exclusively focused on primary grade students from the public elementary schools, located in the Casco Antiguo (Old City), with the firm belief that art and culture are the best tools to help them become better citizens and keep them away from the dangers of the streets.

The best stages in Panama such as the National Theatre, the Anita Villalaz Theatre the Ateneo Theatre of the City of Knowledge, among others, have been witness to the multiple and varied artistic projects that the festival has organized for the public, with the participation of groups from; Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States, Chile, Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay, France, Guatemala, Ecuador, Finland, Switzerland and Israel.

The Performing Arts Festival, with over a decade of work and seven successful editions, has established one integral proposal that includes:

-High-profile international productions.

-Alternative productions in non-commercial cultural spaces.

-Events devoted to elementary school children from high-risk areas.

-Educational activities for performing arts professionals.