WORKING WITH ACTORS . . . Bayly – England / Gowland – Argentina


The International Festival of the Performing Arts- Panamá 2018, in Alliance with the Center for Film Education and Training for GECU, of the Vice-Rectory Extension, University of Panama, announce Working with actors, Introduction to the Meisner Acting Technique workshop, by specialists Stephen Bayly (England) and María Gowland (Argentina).

The workshop provides tools that will enable actors and directors to discover together the keys to a credible and profound interpretation.

The Meisner Technique
Actor and teacher Sanford Meisner was one of the founders in 1930, of The Group Theatre which promoted the teachings of Constantin Stanislavsky, known as “The Method.” Later Meisner separated from the group, finding that the Method, despite succeeding in realist and intense acting, had its shortcomings, limiting potential and emotionally damaging the actor.

He opened his own acting school within the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York and many of his students became the most dynamic and charismatic film and theatre actors of the times. (Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, Robert Duval, Joanne Woodward, John Voight, Leonardo Di Caprio, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, among many). Directors Sydney Pollack and David Mamet studied under Meisner. The collaboration of Meisner actors with their directors has established new acting standards.

Meisner tried to give his students an organized focus to create behavior based on truth within the imaginary circumstances of theatre or film. He created methods that allowed the actors to “get out of their head,” and, helped actors do away with theatrical conventions learned in acting school or any other place, to reach the emotional truth of acting.

This introduction to the Meisner technique, given by renowned directors and acting teachers Stephen Bayly and María Gowland, is designed to give those not familiarized with the technique, a basic introduction and practice.

The workshop designed by Stephen Bayly of the Actor`s Temple of London, is a series of hands-on sessions on the principles and techniques of the Meisner acting training. Actors and directors will work together to reach more real and profound interpretations. The director will become the actor to understand their process. It will also cover the evolution of acting from Stanislavski to Meisner.

Learning by doing, directors and actors must both be ready to participate during the sessions.

At the end of the workshop students must:

  1. Have had a practical experience of the set of basic repetition exercises designed to forge connections between actors and getting out of their head space.
  1. Have had the practical experience of a series of improvisations designed to eliminate theatrical conventions and explore the actor`s emotional reserve.
  2. Understanding of the “substitution” principle, and practical experience of emotional preparation for a scene.

Stephen Bayly (England)
Stephen Bayly studied English literature and dramaturgy, city planning and architecture at John Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania, architecture at University College, London and direction at the renowned National Film and Television School of Great Britain. He has directed plays of different genres in Great Britain.  His film Coming Up Roses was screened at the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Festival. He produced Richard III (with Sir Ian McKellen), and Mrs. Dalloway (with Vanessa Redgrave).

Mr. Bayly was Director of the National Film and Television School of Britain for five years. He studied intensively the acting methods under Tom Radcliffe, at The Actor`s Temple then developed an approach to directing actors based on these methods which he taught initially at the Temple and now in Europe and Latin America.

Maria Gowland (Argentina)
Ms. Gowland studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, she has a graduate degree in Communications Media from the University of Camberra, Australia. She completed her training through seminars and courses such as: Direction of Actors with Marketa Kemble – (EICTV), Cuba / Meisner Technique, Actor’s Temple, London / Dramaturgy, among others.

Her experience encompasses 30 years in the film and television experience in Argentina and abroad in directing, producing and photography. Ms. Gowland has worked with Walter Salles (Br) Diarios de Motocicleta, Sergio Machado (Br) Cidade Baixa, Carlos Sorin (Arg) El Camino de San Diego, Lucrecia Martel (Arg) La Niña Santa, Sergio Renan (Arg) El Sueño de los Héroes, Emanuel Crialese (It) Nuovo Mondo, to mention a few.

She coordinated the curricula in Directing (2006-2007) and worked with Stephen Bayly in his workshop for actors and directors. Since then they have developed the workshop `Working with Actors` workshop, which they have given in Spain and Colombia, besides imparting it annually at EICTV, Cuba since 2009.


Given by: Stephen Bayly (England) and Maria Gowland (Argentina)

Dates: March 9 to March 14, 2018

Total hours: 24 hours (4 days)

Schedule: 9:00 to 1:00 p.m.

Donation: $ 150.00

Interested in partial scholarships submit a letter and cv describing financial situation.

Place: ESTUDIO MULTIUSO DEL GECU, Universidad de Panamá

Telephone: 6378-8780

Information: ESTUDIO MULTIUSO DEL GECU, Universidad de Panamá, next to the Social Security Hospital, diagonal to the School of Agriculture and Odontology. Information:

To apply: Submit CV and letter of interest


Actors and directors (theatre and film).